The Canadian Museum of History is located at 100 Laurier St, Gatineau, QC . A map containing the museum location as well as the conference locations can be found here. The museum is a 9 minute drive or a 30 minute walk from the Desmarais building. The walk takes you through a beautiful and scenic part of Ottawa, which includes some of the best views of Parliament as well as Nepean Point. If you choose to drive the parking cost is a flat rate of $6 after 6:00pm. There will also be bus transportation provided by the conference from the hotels to the museum. More information concerning the bus transportation will be released shortly.

CANCOM Banquet

General Info

​​The CANCOM2017 Banquet will be held on Wednesday July 18th in the Grand Hall of Canadian Museum of History from 6:00-9:30pm. It will feature a meal catered by Distinction and a keynote speech entitled, "50 YEARS ON -  a personal journey with Canada's Snowbird" from Marko Yanishevsky. 

The banquet is open to all student and full conference registration holders, as well as extra banquet ticket holders.

Marko Yanishevsky

MASc, PEng

Keynote Speaker @ CANCOM2017 Banquet

Marko Yanishevsky is Group Leader of Structural Full Scale Testing at the National Research Council Canada in the Aerospace Structures, Materials and Manufacturing laboratory.

He has over 33 years of experience in the aerospace industry.  Following completion of a Master’s Degree at the University of Toronto, he joined the Quality Engineering Test Establishment of the Department of National Defence in 1984. As Lead Specialist in the QETE Structural Integrity and Damage Tolerance Laboratory he investigated material performance in terms of fatigue, fatigue crack growth, residual strength and response to spectrum loading and corrosion-fatigue environments.  He also conducted several failure investigations and participated in crash investigations supporting Royal Canadian Air Force aircraft fighter, transport and helicopter fleets. 

In 2000 he joined the National Research Council Canada as a Research Officer, where he has investigated the effects of residual stresses from surface treatments such as shot peening, hole cold expansion, and conducted structural full-scale and component testing supporting civilian and military aircraft certification and life extension activities.  Over his career he has authored over 200 publications and technical reports.

When he is not at work you can find him either at the Vorlage ski hill in Wakefield Quebec, the tennis courts at the Ottawa New Edinburgh Club, singing in the AKORD male choir or playing violin with the Strings of St John’s chamber orchestra.

 He will be presenting an overview of how Canada has kept the Royal Canadian Air Force Snowbird aerobatic team operating Tutor aircraft for over 50 years….