Tutorials and Keynote Speeches

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Keynote Speeches

Tuesday Morning:  "Scaling Crucial to Integrated Product Development of Composite Airframe Structures", Dr. Larry Ilcewicz (FAA Chief Scientific and Technical Advisor for Composite Materials)

Wednesday Morning : "Boeing 787 Airframe Structure Development",   Mr. Dave Polland (Boeing 787 Deputy Chief, Boeing)

Wednesday Afternoon will include 2 Keynote Speeches, each providing a starting point for interactive discussions during a workshop:

  1. "Automated Fiber Placement: As-Designed vs. As-Built" by Mr. Jean-Philippe Marouzé (Director of Product and Advanced Composite Value Chain at Bombardier Aerostructures and Engineering Services), followed by discussions on "Real‐World Challenges in Composite Transport Program Definition, Certification and Production Readiness​"
  2. "Balancing Industrial Relevance and Academic Rigour: A Long-Term Study from Composite Manufacturing" by Prof Anoush Poursartip (Director of Composites Research Network and Professor of The University of British Columbia),  followed by discussions on "Barriers to Knowledge Transfer Within the Composite Applications Community" and "Composite Repair Technology Transfer from OEM and Regulators to Users"

Thursday Morning:  "A350XWB From Certification to Industrial Phase, What Matters?",  Ms. Chantal Fualdes (Head of Airbus Aircraft Certification Program)


The tutorials are available to anyone registered for CANCOM or the holder of a day ticket for Monday. However, there are a limited number of spots available for each tutorial, and these spots will be filled on a first come first served basis. To register for a tutorial please fill out the following form, and purchase conference registration or a day ticket to ensure your spot.

Monday Morning: Aircraft Composite Certification, Technical Issues, and Associated Means of Compliance - Ms. Cindy Ashforth of the FAA.​

​​Monday Afternoon: Hands-on Tutorial on bonded repair of composite structures - Mathieu Préau and Andrew MacLean of McGill University.

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